How to Use Booster Car Seat

The purpose of manufacturing booster car seats is to provide safety to children. For this reason, you need to understand how to install your booster seat correctly. The information you get here will suffice for virtually all booster seat types.

Booster car seats are suitable for all toddlers and growing children. Most new booster seats are five-point harness boosters that convert to belt-positioning boosters. So, you are responsible for finding the one that suits your child.

Many people go for users’ reviews before making a decision on which one to buy. For instance, if you go online to search for booster car seat sellers near you, you will find a host of them. But going through their features and reviews will help you to settle for a good one.

Another factor you may consider is your budget. Many booster seats offer great value for money. Hence, after making a list of high-quality ones, choose the one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, although quality products attract high prices some times. You may have to make a careful decision.

How to Use Booster Car Seat | 7 Things to Consider

1. Read the Instruction Manual

The first thing to consider doing immediately you purchase a booster seat is to read the user guide or instruction manual. This step is mandatory for any other item you buy.

In the manual, you will learn all the steps to take to fix your booster seat. Since there are numerous brands, it is of the utmost importance to read the manual thoroughly. All the brands have different but similar ways of installation.

Additionally, the manual will provide essential guides and warnings on how to maintain the booster. Most booster seats are durable, but your handling equally matters. The way you handle your booster seat will determine how long you use it before it requires replacement.

2. Place the Booster on the Back Seat

Ideally, you should install your booster seat at the center of your back seat. This method will enable you to have your eyes on the kid through the rear mirror while you are driving. To achieve this, look for the strap, and then fasten it to the seatbelt buckle.

It would help if you pinned it to the hook between the backrest and the seat. If your vehicle does not have one in the middle, then place the booster on either the right or the left. You can choose the more convenient part of the back seat where you can have your eyes on your child.

In some booster seats, you may not need to look for the strap or the harness because it is visible. This is one of the reasons why it is very crucial to study the user guide before trying to fix it.

3. Adjust the Strap to Tighten the Booster Seat

After performing the steps above, now adjust the strap to tighten your booster seat. Do not forget that safety is the reason for installing the booster seat in the first place. So, you must ensure that it is tight. This initiative will help to keep your child safe all through the journey.

4. Use the Guides Provided

Check to see if your booster seat has guides or clips. If it does, you should use them to position your seatbelt. After hooking the strap to the seat belt buckle in the back seat, the guides will be useful in placing your seat belt across the booster.

Also, while your child is sitting in the booster seat, the seat belt will secure him to it. So, consider using the lap-shoulder combination seat belt. That seat belt will make your kid snug in the seat.

5. Have Your Child Seat in it

At this stage, you can now have your child sit in the booster car seat. This development will enable you to know how secure and convenient the booster seat is for the child.

Make all the adjustments you need to ensure that you are confident enough to get on the road with your kid. Here, you have to consider your child’s weight and height.

6. Take Your Car to the NHTSA

Aside from the steps discussed above, you can also take your vehicle to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency will help you to check if you fixed the booster seat correctly. If not, they can be of assistance to you.

There is no shame in going there, as they are always willing to help. But if you don’t want to visit them, you can visit any other safety center to have an official check. It is crucial to fix the booster seat correctly, as you already know.

7. Check Your Booster Regularly

Some children grow so fast. So, please don’t assume that the comfortable way you left it about a week ago still works. Check to see if your child will be comfortable in the booster seat before driving off.

If he is, you are good to go, but if not, then make the necessary adjustments. You do not have to check the fit every day but ensure that you check regularly.

Final Verdict

From all the steps you see here, I feel you should be able to fix any standard booster seat now. If you are trying it for the first time, do not worry if you make a few mistakes. If you try it a couple more times, you will become a pro at fixing or using booster seats.

All the same, if you are planning to buy one, the above steps still apply to you. If you don’t know where to get it, you can try to visit the Amazon website. You will find a wide range of boosters on the site, as well as product reviews.

Moreover, Amazon is a reputable and respectable e-commerce platform. In fact, on the platform, you can get booster seats that have features that exceed the Federal Safety Standards.