UPPAbaby Booster Seat

The UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Seat is a stylish, premium booster seat with some fantastic features. Installation is a dream come true! From the way the hard lower anchor connectors release to the way you shift the booster into place once attached, this is definitely the easiest booster seat I’ve ever installed.

I particularly like how you can push the booster out from the back of the seat while keeping the lower anchors attached to facilitate adjusting the height easier, then slip it straight back in.

Besides, it is one of the tallest and widest boosters on the market, making ALTA an excellent choice for larger children.

Features of UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Seat

car seat for kids1. The Seatbelt Position

The safety features are the most important aspect of this seat for me. There is a SECUREfit belt routing path and a lap belt positioner while buckling. The SECUREfit belt routing method ensures that your youngster always puts their seat belt on properly.

Positioners are located on either side of the lap and are hidden beneath the headrest. This allows the seat belt to be placed across your child’s chest and hips.

In the event of an automobile accident, proper seat belt posture protects the neck and abdomen. The lap belt positioner is a unique feature that is not found on many booster seats. It is designed to be placed between your child’s legs and clipped to the seat belt.

2. Accident Protection

EPP and memory foam are used to make the seat backing. This is not only comfy to lay against if your child falls asleep in the car, but it also absorbs part of the energy that exists after an accident.

Smart SIP pods on the side of the automobile seat absorb impact in the event of an accident. These work in the same manner that a crumple zone in a car does to absorb the force of an impact and keep your most valuable cargo safe.

UPPAbaby ALTA Seat3. The Rigid LATCH System

The rigid LATCH system protrudes from the rear of the seat. When you attach this to the LATCH system, it serves two functions.

First, when your child is not sitting and the seatbelt is unfastened, the technology prevents the booster from becoming a projectile. Second, it aids in optimum seat positioning. This is very useful for hyperactive kids.

This technology is also simple to operate because it features push-button access and indications to ensure proper installation.

The push-button releases the booster, making it simple to remove it from the automobile when needed. Once the rigid LATCH system is in place, a green light must be shown to indicate that it’s been properly fitted.

4. Weight and Size

The Alta is not the lightest option in the group, but it is one of the more thin options. The Evenflo Spectrum is also lightweight and can be transported without a backrest.

The UPPAbaby weighs 19.6 pounds, making it difficult to transport while traveling or carpooling with friends. And, unlike some of its competitors, the back is not removable, allowing it to be the smallest and lightest it has ever been.

It is, however, a somewhat narrow, high-backed booster with a width of 18.4 inches. Because of its size, it could be a competitor for many safety seats in a vehicle’s backseat

5. Comfort

The Alta is one of the group’s more comfy seats. The seat pad is bigger and has side support, and the entire back adjusts up and down for additional comfort as your child grows.

Little testers appreciated the padding and fell asleep quickly with the side support. The padding is strong but gives under pressure for supportive comfort on lengthy trips.

With well-placed armrests and shoulder belt positioning, our testers thought this seat was one of the finest for overall comfort.

6. Quality

The Alta is a high-quality booster made of higher-quality materials than most of its competitors. The UPPAbaby is made of soft cotton and has a smooth shell. The fabric is well-fitting and smooth, with no creases or stray threads.

The padding is strong but supportive, and the headrest rotates in sync with the larger shoulder area, demonstrating attention to detail. We enjoy the addition of a cup holder and the easier-to-use rigid LATCH mechanism.

How to Adjust the UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Seat?

How to Adjust the Booster Seat

  • Place the Booster Seat Bottom face up on the floor.
  • Hook the Backrest to the Booster Seat Bottom by hooking over the seat bar hinge on the seat bottom.
  • Rotate the Backrest to the full upright position and lock it into place.
  • Tuck the Fabric Panel between the Fabric Cover of the Backrest and the Seat Back Frame. Check that the Fabric Panel is flush against the Seat Back Frame.
Product Benefits
  • One of the market’s tallest and widest highback boosters.
  • Height-adjustable headrest with 7 positions
  • Lower LATCH connectors are rigid.
  • Insulated with energy-saving foam
  • One dishwasher-safe detachable cup holder
  • The base fabric zips out for easy washing.
  • Side Impact Pods on the Outside
  • Optional SecureFitTM lap belt positioner aids in proper lap belt positioning.
  • It is simple for children to buckle themselves in.
The Negative Things
  • Shoulder belt retraction seems to be an issue in some vehicles.
  • The cup holder is somewhat fragile.
  • It cannot be converted to a backless booster.

Final Verdict

The UPPAbaby Alta Booster Seat is an excellent alternative for parents (like myself) who wish to have peace of mind when their children are in the backseat. Even as your child is growing, it is critical to protect their developing bones and organs.

The unusual belt holder in the crotch area and the side panels for sleeping upright appeal to us. It has a higher crash-test score and is simple to operate at a fair price. It’s the only booster seat you’ll ever need because it can be used from 40 to 100 pounds, and its features will keep your child safe and comfortable.