Evenflo Chase Sport Harnessed Booster Car Seat

Here is the best budget-friendly car seat that you have been waiting for. The Evenflo Chase Sport Harnessed Booster Car seat is a popular car seat in the market to do its job while being very affordable in the price.

You may wonder why it is called the best one in the market? Well, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranks it as one of the best bets in the industry (IIHS). This harnessed booster car seat offers safety features like protection from side impacts as well as frontal impacts.

This budget-friendly, lightweight car seat converts from a forward-facing 5-point harness to a belt-positioning booster in just a few simple steps.

This seat is easy to install and adjust, budget-friendly and passed crash tests having twice the energy level of federal standards. All in all, this car seat ensures the safety of your children with comfort and consistency, as it is designed to do.

Evenflo Chase Sport Harnessed Booster Car Seat – 5 Main Features:

1. 2-in-1 Combination Booster Seat

Evenflo Chase Sport Harnessed Car SeatThis seat is great because of its 2-in-1 feature, which means the seat can be used as a forward facing harnessed seat as well as a booster seat according to your kid’s age and growth.

The feature allows this seat to be used as a forward facing 5 point harness seat for your kid under 40 lbs.

Once your kid outgrows it and is more than 40 lbs, you can convert the seat into a belt-positioning booster seat to adjust with your kid’s height and weight.

This feature allows you to save money to buy another booster seat and offers to provide more than one feature.

2. Increased Weight Limit Range 

The booster seat can be used with a weight limit ranging from 22 to 110 pounds (10-50 kg) which is more than what the other booster seats on the market offer. We already talked about the 2 in 1 feature of the Evenflo Chase Sport Harnessed Booster Car Seat.

The weight limit differs in the harnessed seat and booster seat. As long as the child has at least one year old and weighs at least 22 pounds (10 kg), the 5-point harness seat can be used.

Only when your child is four years old and weighs at least forty pounds (18 kilograms) should the seat be converted into a belt-positioning booster seat.

3. Easy Adjustments and Harness System

The seat offers an easy adjustment with 4 harness heights to adjust to your growing child for a proper fit and ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

The upfront harness can be accessed centrally and frontally by the adjuster and ensure the required adjustment for your child to fit properly.

There are also 2 crotch buckle positions that adjust for more space for a growing child. The internal 5-point harness meets the requirements even for aeroplane use. The seat is equipped with a latch system, so it is also very easy to install as well. 

4. Max Structural Integrity

Sport HarnessedThis seat is designed so precisely and has been put through rigorous crash tests to ensure that it withstands all kinds of car crashes and collisions.

This seat has successfully passed all the crash tests and is proven to absorb impacts from all the crashes to the 5 points of harness keeping your child safe. The seat is also side impact tested.

The structural integrity withstood the energy level twice the federal standards. This makes this seat one of a kind.

The durability and integrity of this seat are undoubtedly better than most other car seats out there. 

5. Additional Features

The seat has some additional features like a removable head pillow and dual cup holders. The headrest of this seat has an innovative design that allows it to adjust with your children’s height.

It also provides a plush pillow that provides comfort and is easily removable as your baby grows. This car seat also has integrated dual cup holders.

The two built-in cup holders are used to hold drinks and snacks within reach of your baby and prevent the food or drink from spilling inside the car. These additional features make this seat a value-for-money product.

Installation Steps for Evenflo Chase Sport Harnessed Booster Car Seat: 

Installation Steps for Evenflo Chase Sport Harnessed Booster Car Seat

1. Release The Parts:

To proceed, remove the vehicle’s headrest from the driver’s seat (if it is possible). Ensure that the lower anchors have been appropriately stored now. When you’re finished, remove the stroller’s hooks and place it in the back of the car.

2. Adjust The Seat

Make sure the car seat is flat on the vehicle seat before you get in the car. At the very least, 80 percent of the seat’s base should rest on the vehicle’s seat.

3. Adjust The Seat Belt

Remove the belt pad that faces front. As soon as you’ve done that, buckle your seatbelt. You’ll need to secure the car seatbelt in order to keep the seat in place.

Pull the seat belt out carefully, then let it to retract back into the retractor to secure it in place. If you tug on it while retracting, it should be secured.

4. Tighten The Seat

Tighten the seat belts on the vehicle’s front seats after they’ve been locked in place. To tighten the seat belt, push on the middle of the seat and pull on the seat belt at the same time. Allow the seat belt to retract all the way.

5. Attach The Tether

The tether should be attached to the vehicle tether anchor. For maximum stability, tighten the tether after attachment has been completed. Now, check to see if it’s secure. Using the booster seat, begin by attempting to slide it forward and sideways from the vehicle’s seats.

No more than an inch in either direction should be allowed to move if the anchors are correctly secured and the seat is securely fastened.

It is necessary to press down on the middle of the seat and repeat ‘STEP 4’ as many times as necessary until the seat is sufficiently tightened. Now is the time to reinstall the seat cover. It’s important to put the seatbelt back in place before getting in the car.

Product Benefits
  • Lightweight and easy installation.
  • 4 harness slot heights.
  • Integrated cup holders.
  • Removable headrest.
  • Machine washable seat covers.
  • Withstood extended crash tests. 
  • Durable material.
  • Withstood twice the energy level of federal standards.
  • 2 in 1 car seat (5-point harness seat, belt-positioning booster seat).
  • 2 crotch buckle positions.
The Negative Things
  • Poor cup holder design.
  • Low comfort level restraints.

Final Verdict

With so many great features and also being inexpensive, this car seat is undoubtedly to be among the most popular car seats on the market. The 5-point harness and the federal standards certified tests are like cherry on top.

This lightweight car seat even comes with an easy installation. What more can you need! But you should also keep in mind that no product is perfect and just like other products, this product has its own drawbacks as well.

The poor cup holder design, uncomfortable strap designs and dated overall structural design make this seat lag a bit behind. But in an affordable price range, the Evenflo chase sport harnessed booster car seat is obviously a go-to option.