Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat Review

The security and safety of our children are always our top priorities as parents. Mainly while they are still infants and toddlers. Due to their helplessness and lack of knowledge, they need a lot of parental attention and care.

Getting a convertible car seat for your child is the first step you can take to ensure their safety while traveling in your car with them.

Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat Review |  Features:

Weight Recommendation: 5-40 lbs. is the recommended weight range for this car seat’s users.

Height Recommendation: The height recommendation for this convertible car seat is 19-40 inches

Material: The material that the convertible seat is made out of is Polyester

Harness Type: A 5-point harness is present on the booster car seat. For a better fit and longer use, there are multiple shoulder harness positions. Easy and practical adjusting is made possible by the front harness adjustment and buckle release.

Body Cushion: The baby is given additional comfort by the integrated body cushion

Head Pillow: The easily adjustable and removable head pillow can be used both by infants and older children.

Harness Slots: There are four harness slots that are used based on how tall your child is.

Cup Holder: The cup holder is on the left side of the seat.

Dual Modes: A dual-mode system is present in the Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat. Both rear-facing and forward-facing orientations are possible.

Region of Origin: It is originated in the U.S.A  

Battery Requirements: The battery is not required for this convertible car seat

Item Weight: The weight of the item is 9.29 pounds.

How to Install Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat?

How to Install Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat

At the rear of the seat, there are actually four clearly visible slots. These slots allow parents to modify the straps according to the size of their children.

If the straps don’t fit your child’s physical characteristics, you can alter the straps to a better fit. The child’s shoulder must be above the shoulder straps.

Rear-Facing Position

Consider installing the convertible car seat rear-facing if your child is under two years old.

  1. First, ensure that the strap is in the proper belt path. You won’t find it difficult to find the path because it is written which belt path to use for the rear-facing position right above the belt path. To do that, you can simply remove the car seat and take the strap through one back belt path to another.
  2. Make sure the strap is not twisted and lay flat before you put the car seat back over.
  3. To put the convertible car seat in a more reclined position, you will find a foot below the convertible car seat that you can bring it all in forward. This will make the seat stay in a more reclined position.
  4. You’ll notice indicators that resemble buttons that can help you determine the exact location of the latch. You might also use your hands to feel it and determine where it is. On both sides of the car seats, there is a clasp that may be used to attach the convertible car seat’s strap. Push the clips down when you hear a clicking noise. The straps should then be pulled to check that the latch is properly attached.
  5.  Apply pressure to the convertible car seat and then tighten it up by pulling on the straps’ buckles. The same method can also be done by taking the seatbelt of your car and using it as a strap.

Forward-Facing Position

Your kids should be at least two years old if you place them in the forward-facing position.

  • First of all, unlike the rear-facing position, you have to put the foot under the convertible car seat at the back for the forward-facing position.
  • Take the tether anchor that is coming out of the top of the car seat and put it through the headrest of the car seat and attach it to the latch situated at the back of the car seat.
  • Using the forward-facing belt method on both sides of the convertible car seat, first, insert the strap. When you find the latches that are indicated with indicators that resemble buttons, you will know where the latches are. Now keep pushing the clips until you hear a clicking sound. Pull the straps to check if they are securely fastened to the latches.
  • To make sure the seat’s bottom is snug and secure, apply pressure to the convertible car seat and pull the buckle.
  • You can also do the same thing by using the seat belt instead of the straps and putting them through the belt path for forward-facing on both sides.
Product Benefits
  • Federal safety regulations have examined and approved the Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat.
  • Its structural integrity has undergone a side impact test.
  • The side impact test is twice as powerful as the Federal safety criteria.
  • You only need LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) to be installed in your vehicle, which almost every vehicle has these days.
  • The energy-absorbing foam lining of the Tribute 5 convertible promotes safety while providing your baby or child with unmatched comfort.
The Negative Things
  • Both solvents and abrasive cleaners cannot be used to remove the filth.
  • Only machines can be used to wash the seat pad.
  • No part of the child restraint can be lubricated or cleaned by submerging it in water.

Rules Regarding the Usage

  • Regularly inspect and clean the restraint’s crotch buckle for food, liquids, and other debris to ensure efficient latching. Gently rock the buckle in a cup of warm water. Repeatedly press the red button while submerged in water.
  • A little soap and water solution is all that is required to clean the harness. To dry the harness, simply use an air dryer.
  • Take care not to scratch any labeling.
  • You can clean and dry metal and plastic objects with some mild cleanser, water, and a soft washcloth.
  • The seat pad needs to be washed separately in cold water on the delicate cycle in the washing machine. Tumble dry for the seat for 10 to 15 minutes on a low temp.

Final Verdict

After carefully weighing the Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat’s advantages and disadvantages, it is safe to conclude that the product functions as intended.

It has a comparably extended usage period for a convertible car seat because it may be used both rear-facing and forward-facing.

It’s common for parents to wonder how safe their children would be in a car seat like this. We can all exhale with satisfaction knowing that the seat will provide safety for our children because it has been approved after being evaluated repeatedly for its effectiveness and approved on every occasion.