How big for booster car seat

The primary reason why you need a booster car seat is to provide safety and protection for your child. In cases of car crashes, the booster will provide support and safety for the child. Since there are different car seats in the marketplace, you have to find the one that is suitable for your kid.

As of today, you will find a lot of top-quality booster seats. These booster seats are harness mode boosters that convert to belt-positioning mode as your child grows older.

Recent research shows that a lot of parents are not installing their booster seats correctly. Most times, people transit their kids to the belt-positioning mode even when they aren’t old or big enough for it. Hence, in this interesting piece, you will know where you are getting it wrong.

How Big for Booster Car Seat?

As you read earlier, many kids who should still be using the harness mode transit to using the belt-positioning mode.

The age at which a child is old enough for the belt-positioning mode is around eight years old. Other factors include the child’s height and weight. Below is a more explicit method of using a booster car seat.

1. Age

If your child is around 0-2 years, you should use the rear-facing harness mode. However, if he is between 2 and 4 years, he can make use of the front-facing booster mode.

2. Height

The second factor to consider is the height of the child. If he is less than 54 inches, he should still be using the harness mode.

If he’s taller than that but less than 60 inches, then he can convert to the booster. However, if he’s above 60 inches, you may consider him for the belt-position mode.

3. Weight

The third thing to consider is the child’s weight. The harness mode is more suitable when the child is less than 65 pounds. If he grows bigger than that, you can try him in the seat belt booster mode to see if he snugs in it.

Children between 40 and 100 pounds can use the seat belt mode. The bottom line is that since kids grow differently, you should put these three factors into consideration.

The child’s weight and height will play crucial roles in determining when to switch from the harness mode to the booster mode.

How long to Use a Booster Seat in The Car?

There is no specific time frame to use the booster seat in your car. As long as you have little children or toddlers, then it is advisable always to install it in your vehicle.

Besides, while it is in your car, ensure to check it regularly to see if it still fits your child. Some children grow so fast, so it is pertinent to check it at regular intervals. In such cases, necessary adjustments become inevitable. And you do not want the straps choking your child.

Information from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides the following information on how to use booster car seats.

1. Infants

All infants are to ride in a rear-facing seat until they reach the highest height or weight allowed by the booster seat manufacturers. They are usually between 0 and 4 years. Anyway, to find out about the highest height or weight allowed, you will need to consult the user guide or manual.

2. Toddlers

AAP states that children who outgrow the rear-facing car seat can start using the forward-facing harness car seat. It is usually within the range of 5 and 7 years, and around 65 pounds. American Academy of Pediatrics categorizes these children as Toddlers and Preschoolers.

3. School-Aged Children

This category of children is between the ages of 8 and 12 years. These are children that are older, taller, and bigger than the toddlers. Now, this category of children can start using the booster mode. Due to their height and weight, they are no longer comfortable in the harness mode.

They should be making use of the belt-positioning booster seat until they are old enough to use the car seat belt. Typically, they should be at least 4 feet 9 inches tall to use the belt-positioning booster.

It is worthy of note that booster seats come with lap-shoulder guides. This development helps to provide more security or safety to the children. Therefore, it is good to know how to fasten the belts and guides.

4. Older Children

The older children are those from 13 and above. These are the teenagers. They are old and mature enough to ride in the front seat.

Children younger than 13 should not ride in the front seat according to the AAP, but the older children can. They can as well start using the vehicle seat belt.

Where to Place Your Booster Seat?

Where to place your Booster Seat

It is always advisable to install your booster seat in the center of your back seat. That way, you will be able to watch your kid through the rear mirror. And as usual, studying the instruction manual will teach you how exactly to install the booster seat.

Final Verdict

By now, you should know if you have been using your booster seat wrongly based on the information provided here. Besides, it is no longer news that a lot of parents do not use the booster seat accordingly.

On all occasions, it is advisable to read the instruction manual before installing the seat. You will get all the necessary information regarding the use of the booster seat in the manual.

Also, you will learn about how to maintain it, as well as how to remove its cover for cleaning. Finally, if you need a new booster car seat, you may consider visiting the Amazon website. On the site, you will find a lot of high-quality and durable booster car seats.