How to Install Graco Affix Highback Booster car seat


In high-back mode the seat designed for a child between three to ten years old. Graco Affix High-back Booster car seat  30 and 100 pounds and between 38 and 57 inches tall.

It is important to note that in high back mode, both positions of your booster are steep and slightly reclined. The car or seat behind the booster must fit snugly in the first or second position Do not use the booster seat outside the re-position now.

Let’s Learn- How to Install Graco Affix High-back Booster Car Seat?

Install Graco Affix Highback Booster car seatPush the button on the front of the seat loosen the connector and pull the connectors out from the back of the booster. You will see that connector straps have little clips on the end of them. Locate the vehicle’s lower anchors.

Attach the connectors to the anchors below the car seat, which is at the crease of the back seat of your car. Never put two connectors on one vehicle anchor.

Next, we’re going to tighter the booster firmly to the seat to tighter the connectors push back on the booster, and pull the straps on the front of the booster.

When you’re ready to remove the booster from the car push. The release button on the front up and pull the booster slightly away from the seat next unhook Repeat with a latch and another connector from the anchor point.

Once the booster seat installed and your child is ready to go for a ride. It is important that they are using the seat properly, Your baby should sit in the booster seat with the flat opposite the back of the booster.

Now positions the shoulder belt through the shoulder belt guide, fasten the buckle, and pull on the shoulder belt to tighten it securely your child’s ears should be below the top of the booster seat. If the tops of their ears are on the top of the seat.

Your baby is too big for the booster and the shoulder belt must be located on the flat part of your baby’s shoulder. If the belt lies across your child’s head neck or faces readjust the head support height the lap belt portion must pass under the armrest and be positioned low on the hips.

Backless Booster Mode:

backless booster car seatFor larger children from four to ten years old, 40 to 100 pounds, and between 40 and 57 inches tall the affix may be converted to a backless booster seat.

Once you’ve removed the back from the seat and installed it securely to the seat using the large system check to see that the shoulder belt lies flat across your child’s shoulder.

If the shoulder belt is outside the safe zone, you will need to use the shoulder belt positioning clip included with your seat to attach the clip to the look of the booster seat on the back of the booster.

You will see a horizontal bar on the rear of the seat insert the loop end the shoulder belt positioning. the clip strap around the horizontal bar pass the Pull the strap and strap up through the end of the clip and loop.

It is important that the free end of the strap faces the front of the seat. Now slid the vehicle should belt into the clip and pull the strap down to tighten the clip against your child’s shoulder.

In high back mode, the belt part of the collar should go under the booster armrest and should be located below the buttocks to make sure that the belt is not bent in any way.

Final Verdict

This is How to Install Graco Affix High-back Booster car seat. Please finish reading your owner’s manual for additional tips and notes about how to safely use your affix high-back booster.

Featuring surrounds side impact protection with the latch system. If you’ve done this then ready to go. However, you can use it as a subset.

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