Graco High Back and Backless Booster Car Seat

Choosing the right belt positioning booster for your growing big kid. The built-in harness system should be used as long as possible until the children reach the maximum Weight or height for their car seat.

At that point the kids should move to the belt positioning booster seat. A belt positioning booster boost your child’s seats height to ensure proper vehicle belt fit. Belt positioning boosters are available as booth:

Graco also offers a seat belt trainer for older kids. Who may not need a  booster but who may still need help with proper seat belt placement and fit.  In order to use a high back booster children must meet the following requirements.

1. High-Back Belt Positioning Booster:

  • At Least 4 years old
  • At Least 40 Pounds
  • 43-57 Inches

High-back belt-positioning booster are ideal for children. Who need the support of the head rest and additional help with shoulder placement to properly buckle your child in thread the vehicle seat belt through the shoulder belt guide and the lap belt guides across your child’s lap.

A properly fitting shoulder belt should lie flat across the middle of the shoulder. The lap belt should lie flat and on the top of a child’s thighs  not the abdomen.

Graco recommends for a child to use a backless booster they must reach the following requirements.

2. Back-Less Belt Positioning Booster:

  • At Least 4 years old
  • At Least 40 Pounds
  • 43-57 Inches

If using a backless booster or if your high back booster requires it. Be sure there is a vehicle support behind the child’s head, be sure that the shoulder belt hits between the neck and edge of shoulder you may need to use the provided shoulder belt positioning clip to help get a proper fit.

If using a backless booster your child should be able to maintain proper posture and avoid slouching. Which allows them to maintain proper seat belt fit.

Their knees should bend at a comfortable 90 degree angle not straight out. If your child feels ready for a vehicle seat belt but either the belt fit isn’t quite right or the child is not quite mature enough for the vehicle seat only.

Graco recommends a Seat belt trainer this transitions your big kid from a booster while teaching them proper belt fit and posture.

Seat Belt Trainer:

  • Teacher Your Child
  • Proper Seat Belt
  • Fit And Posture

A trainer can be used for a children. Who have reached the following requirements.

Seat Belt Trainer

  • At Least 5 Years Old
  • 50-120 Pounds
  • 43-60 Inches

You may also be wondering –  How you know when it’s time for your child to graduate to a vehicle seat belt?

Your child should use a belt positioning booster until they reach the following requirements.

Ready to Graduate to Vehicle Seat

  • Sitting all the way opposite the car seat.
  • Kneeling at the edge of the vehicle car seat.
  • Shoulder belt fits between the neck and shoulder and the vehicle belt is flat against the Body.
  • Lap Belt is Low on the hips, touching the thighs.
  • Can stay Comfortable Seated this way the Entire Ride.

If all requirements are met your child can graduate from a booster seat or trainer. Typically, This is when they reach 4 feet 9 inches tall and are between ages 8 -12.

Once your child has graduated it is recommended that children sit in the back seat until at least 12 years old. It’s also important to ensure you check your local and state laws as well as the American academy of pediatrics and nitza’s recommendations for car seat usage.

Final Verdict

We hope the information  provided in this article allows you to feel more confident installing and fitting your child in a belt positioning booster car seat.