Best Convertible Car Seats

A car seat is quite possibly the most important safety product. You will buy it for your family. Your child will most likely be in the convertible car seat longer than any other car seat.

Sometimes up to five years longer. So you’re gonna want to pick the right one. But don’t worry. We are here to help. Now all car seats in u.s must pass a minimum standard of safety.

But when it comes to the car seats that I’m going to sell in my store or that I’m gonna use with my kids minimum’s not good enough. It has to have more.

So here are the things that I look for when deciding, which car seats to sell in the store – would I use it for my own kids? If the answer’s no. them I’m not gonna sell it in the store period.

Advanced safety Technologies Now all of the car seats on this list have multiple layers of protection that are going to enhance the car seat’s performance in different varieties of crash types.

Easy of Correct Installation

If your car seat isn’t installed correctly then I’m not going to consider it safe.

Convenience Features

It makes daily use or cleaning easier. How well does it fit in the car? Now believe it or not every car seat fits in every car. So we are going to suggest that you’re going to want to try it in your vehicle before you make the purchase.

Top Rated 7 Best Convertible Car Seats – Get The Right Model

Our Picks of 7 Best Convertible Car Seats Reviews Reviews:

1. Peg Perego Kinetic Convertible Car Seat

Peg Perego Kinetic Convertible Car SeatIf you get the Kinetic is an all-around awesome seat it allows for extended rear-facing legging allowing parents to let their children stay rear-facing for an extended amount of time.

There are also three layers of side impact protection including kinetic pods. Which move crash forces away from your child in the event of a crash from the side.

This seat also very easy to use and it’s the lightest seat available. That will give your child at least 15 inches or more of the rear-facing leg.

It also uses the familiar latch technology for rear-facing installation. Which makes it a great seat for travel or if you have to switch it between vehicles.

This seat extremely comfortable product for your baby the kinetic has soft comfy fabrics that you have to touch to bleed and one of my favorite things about it. Is that there’s ventilation along the child’s back to help keep your child cool while in the car.

The only challenge with this seat is that it happens to be one of the longer seats. So legroom for the person in front of the car seat may be a little bit shorter than you’d like.


2. Cybex Sirona S Rotating Convertible Car Seat

Cybex Sirona S Rotating Convertible Car SeatThis brings us to the very unique  Sirona S by silence. One of the main reasons that parents turn their child forward-facing earlier than they’d like to is because it gets pretty hard to get your growing child into that rear-facing car seat.

The Sirona s has a unique ability for the top of the car seat to turn toward you. So you can put your child in before turning them back rear-facing, any parent who’s kept their child rear-facing.

Over two years old will tell you it gets pretty heavy and awkward to put that growing baby in your rear-facing seat. This feature is amazing in daily use and it can be a back saver as well.

Other safety features include a load leg three levels of side impact protection and sensor safe technology.

Sensor safe technology alerts parents to when unsafe situations may arise for example, if the child unbuckles himself while the car is in motion or if the parent leaves the child behind when the car is shut off.

This is all controlled by an app on your phone and utilizes the diagnostic plug-in in your vehicle. We can’t talk about the Sirona S without giving you a fair heads up about the installation. It can be tricky to get right.

Like possibly the toughest out of any seat that we’ve ever carried and there are opportunities for users here I strongly advise you to get help from an experienced and certified tech when you’re installing the seat for the first time. Once you have it installed I guarantee you’re going to love this seat.


3. Britax One4Life Car Seat Clean Comfort

Britax One4Life Car Seat Clean ComfortThis car seat may honestly be the most user-friendly car seat we have ever sold in the install is so easy to do that it’s pretty tough to mess up pretty much all you have to do is open the click-type panel route your belt through close it down.

That’s super simple. The one for life is one of two car seats on this list that’s actually consider an all-in-one cars. It can be used from birth as a rear-facing car seat.

Then it turns around forward-facing as a harness car seat usually up to 49 inches. At that point, you can remove the harness and it becomes your belt-positioning high back booster.

Basically, you’re saving yourself from buying one whole car seat in the future there are regular versions of the one for life that start out at a lower price and they’re great.

But for this best-of list going with the clean comfort version. This version has the added safety benefit of the rear-facing anti-re bounder.

As well as moisture- wicking fabrics that allow babies back to stay cooler While in the car. The main fabrics are stain odor and moisture resistant. Making the clean comfort on of the easiest car seats to clean.


4. Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seats

Clek Foonf Convertible Car SeatsParents who look for safety above everything often end up purchasing the clerk Foonf.

The foonf is built like a tank and it’s absolutely loaded with safety technologies. Clek even publishes their crash test data.

Because they’re so proud of it now the best thing that we can do from a safety perspective is keep our children.

Rear-facing as long as possible and the foonf allows about 20 inches of rear-facing legroom.

So you can stay comfortably rear-facing longer than any other seat there’s also a very unique safety feature. When the car seat is finally forward-facing it’s what Kleck calls the react safety system.

This is essentially a crumple zone into the base of the seat that reduces crash forces its forward-facing performance rivals that of a rear-facing car seat.

The foonf is narrow enough to fit three across in most vehicles yet it’s very roomy on the inside the boom is the heaviest car seat on the list weighing in at 38 pounds.

So even though it’s a pretty straightforward installation you’re probably going to want to purchase one for each car. But boom owners are going to tell you that’s it’s worth it because all that added weight comes from advanced safety technologies.



5. Nuna Exec Car Seat

Nuna Exec Car SeatThe Nuna exes hit the top of our price point on car seats. So is it worth it. If you could see how quickly these seats been selling.

You could tell that plenty of our parents think it is the exec who gives you everything you love about the rava and somehow takes it all to the next level.

The exec has the same effortless installation as the rava and it has the same harness capacities.

The biggest difference is that exec can become a seat belt-positioning high back booster as well as eliminating future can seat purchases just like a rave the exec has fit incredibly well in every car that I’ve tried it in so far. It also somehow has three levels of premier side impact protection.

While still being narrow enough to fit three across in many vehicles there’s also a fully adjustable rear-facing anti-rebound panel for additional legroom while rear-facing but what really seats the exec apart from other car seats.

Is how premium the fabrics are and how comfortable it seems to be they’re soft breathable knit fabrics to help keep your child cool and when it’s forward-facing the leg rest extends essentially turning these things into a recliner.

Extras like a removable and washable slipcover and an extra merino wool baby set make this ultra-premium seat one of the best you can buy.


6. Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seats

Nuna Rava Convertible Car SeatsParents with children who are moving out of their Nuna pipa series infant car seats are usually so happy with them that they move into the rava with no hesitation. The rava ranks very high on all of the things. We look for a convertible car seat.

The installation is one of the easiest out there.  It’s bubble-free, hassle-free, and muscle-free install. Make it very easy to install it with a seat belt. You’re never going to use a latch with this car seat. One of the things that seats the Rava apart from the competition is that it fits incredibly well in just about every vehicle I’ve ever tried.

Rava has a shorter overall length allowing for great installation even when it’s behind tall drivers like me yet it still allows a lot of legroom for your child.

While rear-facing the Rava looks great and the premium looking and feeling fabrics are completely free of chemical flame retardants.

If you’re looking for an easy choice that you and your baby are very likely to be happy with that checks all of the safety boxes and on that probably fits perfectly in your vehicle the Rava is the car seat for you.


7. Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat

Britax Emblem Convertible Car SeatLast on our list, is the Britax Emblem. I have had so many parents over the years ask me for a secondary car seat that could be in the nanny’s car a secondary car or maybe for travel that won’t break the bank at 200 $ this emblem is my choice for your best budget car seat.

Now I know you may be thinking that 200 $ is still a lot of money. But you have to remember my first rule if I’m not going to use it for my children.

I’m not going to sell it to you and this seat is the most affordable option. That’s I’d still feel great about having my kids right in the Britax Emblem gives you many of the same safety technologies as the other seats on this list.

At about half the price there are two levels of side impact protection an energy-absorbing base and a non-re-thread harness for ease of use and it’s only 18 pounds. Which makes it great for travel.

But your child won’t have quite as much rear-facing legroom as some of the others on the list and we feel like a bit sung overall as your child grows. But the combination of safety features and value do earn it a spot on this list.


Final Verdict

All seven of those were great options. Best Convertible Car Seats. So which one should you get? Well, you’re going to want to get one that is loaded with safety technology one that you can install correctly one that’s gonna make your life easier and of course one that’s gonna fit in your car.

If you have questions on any of these seats about the installation the fit. Just leave a comment below or give.