Dog Car Seat

In this article, we’re going to look at the best dog booster car seat available on the market today. We made this list based on our opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values. When narrowing down the best choices possible.

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Top 5 Best Dog Booster Car Seat – Get The Right Model

Our Picks of 5 Best Dog Booster Car Seat Reviews:

1. Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Pet Car Seat 

dog booster High Back Car SeatTake your fur baby for a ride with Snoozer Luxury High back console pet car seat. This features a comfortable foam form that is surrounded by a removable micro suede cover with accent cording.

It also has a non-skid bottom, security strap, high back for extra support and protection. It is available in two sizes and three colors. The large one measures 20 x 12 x 7 inches, while the extra-large measures
18 x 16 x 7 inches.

This seat is an investment, so make sure that you pick the right variation. The large one is recommended for pets up to 12lbs. On the other hand, extra-large is for pets up to 20Ibs.

You should measure your car too. Fort the colors, you can choose between black, pink, and quasar robins Egg. But even if this is a luxury product, maintaining is simple.

The cover is easy-to-clean, and the whole seat is technically machine washable. However, you have to make sure that your washing machine is delicate enough for it.
You will have no problem cleaning it when you need to.


  • Removable and machine washable cover.
  • Easy installation.
  • It comes with a luxurious design.
  • It is handmade in the USA.


  • It is expensive.

Snoozer Luxury LHBC is a gorgeous dog car seat that will make your pet feel like royalty. Even though it has a high price tag, it is low maintenance, so expect that you will be using it for quite some time.

2. BLOBLO Dog Booster Car Seat

BLOBLO Dog Booster Car SeatBloblo Pet Booster provides your pet with a safe and reliable restraint for your joy rides. It is made with oxford cloth that will keep your fur baby warm and comfortable.

This material is also durable, easy-to-clean, removable, and water-resistant. But moreover, this fabric is water-resistant and bite-resistant, so it can hold up to pets who love chewing on everything they come across.
This dog car seat comes in three colors: Blue, coffee stripe, and red stripe. It measures 21.60 x 19.60 x 12 inches, making it ideal for small pets. Unlike snoozers, Blobo pet booster is suitable for various car types.
It is also easy to install thanks to its adjustable buckle. You can choose to put it in the front seat or rear seat. It has a seat belt that will keep your pet in place, so you will not have to worry about your fur baby disturbing you while you are driving. Finally, it has storage bags on both sides, allowing you to keep all your pet’s daily necessities in one place.


  • Its fabric is easy to clean.
  • It is Water-resistant.
  • Easy to install.
  • Its safety seatbelt can be attached to your pet’s harness or collar.


  • It is only for small pets.

If you are looking for a durable dog car seat for your small pets, consider the Bloblo pet booster. Its Oxford fabric is sure to withstand everything that your fur baby will give its way.

3. Petsfit Dog Seat

Petsfit Dog SeatKeep your fur baby safe while on the road with Petsfit Dog Seat. This lookout car seat measures 29.5 x16 x14 inches, ideal for medium dogs up to 45Ibs. Available in dark brown and light grey, it is made with a plush liner that is removable and machine washable.

It has two sides, too, that serve two different purposes. The plush side is used for winter, while the other side is for summer.

So, this dog seat is not only soft, but it is comfortable too. Pet fit dog seat is stable. It will sit flat on your car seat because of its design. It has a seatbelt that goes through one loop on the back and a belt that goes over the headrest.

This will surely secure the dog seat in your car. Additionally, it comes with two leashes inside to secure your pets in the seat. It also has side pocket for their toys and treats.


  • Ideal for dogs with long torsos.
  • Perfect height.
  • Easy to install.
  • Double as a doghouse.


  • Its leash may be weak.

If you have a medium-sized dog, you may want to give Petsfit dog seat a look. This item is made with comfortable material and comes with features that will help secure your fur baby in your car.

4. Snoozer Lookout II

Snoozer Lookout IISnoozer Lookout II is a high-rated dog seat that comes in 3 sizes and a huge range of colors and patterns. The small type measures 17 x 15 x 19 inches, and it is ideal for small dogs up to 18lbs. meanwhile, the medium size is 22 x 15 x 19 inches, specially made for medium-sized pets up to 25lbs.

On the other hand, the large one measures 30 x 18 x 18 inches, enough to fit large fur babies that weigh up to 35Ibs. Snoozer Lookout II is made with a Sherpa interior and a comfortable foam form that provide your pet with the support and comfort it needs while traveling.

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, you will surely find a dog seat that will match your fur baby. Moreover, it comes with a connection strap. This feature joins the seatbelt and harness securing your pet in place while you drive.

To make your trip more comfortable, this dog seat has a storage tray at the bottom. This will be a perfect place for your pet’s treats, toys, and accessories.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Pull-out storage drawer.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • It can also be used as a pet bed.


  • Cover is not waterproof.

If you want a dog car seat that can give you many options, go for Snoozer Lookout II. It comes in different colors and patterns, but all equally provides the comfort and security your pet deserves.

5. K&H Bucket Booster

K&H Bucket BoosterK&H Bucket Booster does not only keep your pet comfortable and safe during a car ride. It also allows your fur baby to enjoy the view. Available in two sizes, this dog car seat can fit larger-than-average dogs that are between 30 to 40Ibs.

But you can still use it for small pets, so there is no need to buy a different one for them. It has a firm foam bolster around the edges that will keep your dog safe in a controlled spot during the whole ride. It can use any car seat belt to buckle itself in place.

All you have to do is thread the seatbelt through the opening on the side of the dog car seat. Then, pull the seatbelt across the bottom so that you can bring it to the other opening on the opposite side.

Finally. Latch the seatbelt. For added security, you can attach your pet’s leash to the product’s security leashes. This dog car seat uses a plush quilted fleece cover that is both removable and washable.

It also has a contoured back that that allows the product to fit snugly in any car’s front or back seat.


  • Easy to install.
  • Two tethers that keep the dog in place.
  • Removable and washable cover.


  • It is not waterproof.

K&H Bucket Booster is a secure dog car seat that will keep your fur babies safe and comfortable. It can also accommodate pets of any size, so it worth the investment.